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Results of Inspections

Inspection Results Are Available For You to View

We encourage you to read the following so you will be better informed about the inspection process.

As a service to the public, restaurant inspections are provided on this site as an opportunity to share information which may assist the consumer in being well-informed as to conditions observed on the day of inspection.

Keep in mind that these inspections are only a "snapshot in time" and reflect the conditions observed on that particular day. On any given day, these conditions can go from good to bad or bad to good within a matter of a few minutes.

Inspections are conducted based on several criteria. Each facility is given a priority rating, which determines the frequency of routine inspections. Follow-up inspections are done within two weeks if the previous inspection failed.

Inspection violations are placed into three categories: CDC risk factors (priority violations), Other Violations Shown to Cause Foodborne Illness (priority foundation violations) and General Sanitation and Physical Facility Violations (core violations).

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Types of Violations

1) Priority:Items are proven measures that are directly linked to the elimination, prevention or reduction of hazards associated with foodborne illness.

2) Priority Foundations:Items incorporated specific actions, equipment or procedures to control risks factors that contribute to foodborne illness.

3) Core:Items related to general sanitation and maintenance, equipment design and maintenance, and physical facilities and structures.

Enforcement actions taken at the facility are also indicated on the site.

We provide inspection results over a period of time which better reflects the overall status of the facility. Inspections are given in chronological order with the most recent inspection first. The data is updated once a month so it is suggested that you return to the site to view any updates.