Back-to-School with THD
Helpful information about immunizations, shot records and birth certificates
Community Baby Shower
Free event to honor expecting mothers and parents of young infants September 22
Mosquito Surveillance Program
Latest data including weekly collection and West Nile Virus testing results
Improving health and well-being in Tulsa County
Nine Convenient Locations to Serve You
Visit one of our newest locations at 56th St. N. & MLK Jr. Blvd.

Testing & Immunizations

It’s important to know your health status. THD provides low and/or no-cost, confidential testing services and can recommend treatment resources if necessary. We also provide age-appropriate immunizations according to recommended guidelines for children and adults, including flu vaccinations.

Restaurant Inspections

Our professional staff conducts routine inspections at all restaurants in our community. As a service to the public, we regularly post the results of these inspections to assist consumers in being well-informed as to conditions observed on the day of inspection.

Food Classes & Permits

All local food service employees must have an original, valid Foodhandler Permit from THD in their possession while at work. To receive a permit, you must successfully complete a THD Food Safety Class or pass the THD Waiver Test.