Agents, Diseases and Threats

Information and Helpful Resources

Accessibility to current information on potential threats to public health and safety is an important part of emergency prevention and preparedness. The following links provide information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on potential bioterrorism agents, chemical agents and radiation emergencies. THD encourages you to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to the proper local, state or federal authorities.


The Tulsa Health Department investigates and provides information on the many diseases and conditions affecting our population. Some of the diseases described below are frequently seen in the community. Others may occur sporadically or have never been seen but have the potential to occur.


Diarrheal Illnesses:

Head Lice | Head Lice Fact Sheet (English) | Head Lice Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C 

Influenza | H3N2v Fact Sheet (English) | H7N9 Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Measles | Measles Fact Sheet (English) | Measles Information for Healthcare Providers

Meningitis (bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic, non-infectious)

MRSA | MRSA Fact Sheet (English)

Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) | MERS-CoV Fact Sheet (English)

Mosquito Borne Illnesses:






Tickborne Illness | Tickborne Illness Fact Sheet (English) | Heartland Virus Fact Sheet (English)