We All Fall Down

Remember last December?  The clock was running out on 2012 and you resolved to be healthier by cutting out the bad habits.  Now the exercise equipment looks like a clothes horse and somehow the cigarettes came back into your life.  Relax!  Take a chill pill (a fictional medication and not an endorsement of over the counter or prescription drugs) and realize what junkies and recovering alcoholics have known for decades; relapse is a part of recovery.

Sure you have that 10-20 pounds you keep meaning to take off, then life gets in the way and it turns to 30-40 pounds.  Do not give up!  Keep your goal weight in mind and keep trying.  You try to be healthier for yourself, maybe your loved ones, but the tobacco keeps finding its way back to you.  Stuff happens dude!  Keep in mind you know what is unhealthy and bad for you.  Smoking is making you a pariah in professional and social circles.  You will try to quit again when the time is right, and the secret is, quitting is not as hard as your mind tries to tell you.

Oh, that mind of yours tells you all kinds of misinformation.  That is the addiction talking.  You know that fear of gaining weight and how your brain reasons gaining weight is unhealthy too?  WRONG!  Researchers report a group of people who recently quit smoking gained an average of six pounds.  In spite of the weight gain they were still at about half the risk for heart attack, stroke, or death from heart disease than the people who continued to smoke.  Senior study author James Meigs, M.D., M.P.H. of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston noted, “In patients with diabetes – among whom weight gain is a particular concern – we saw the same pattern of a large risk reduction regardless of weight gained.”

So uncover that exercise bike, un-pile the treadmill and buck up your resolve to live tobacco free.  If you need help there are a variety of local gyms, running groups, phone aps to help you stay on the fitness track.  If you want to quit smoking, there are a variety of cessation methods including the state “1-800-Quit Now” telephone quit line that offers free cessation assistance.  Remember your brain is operating under the influence of addiction that makes all kinds of excuses to relapse in efforts for self-improvement, and sometimes it wins.  That’s cool, nobody ever learned to ride a bike without falling off either, but those that got back on accomplished their goals and enjoyed life.