Father and son hike in a wooded area

Oklahoma Tick Study

Tick-borne illnesses represent a significant health threat to both humans and our furry friends. 

Tick Disease

Ticks are generally found near the ground, in brushy or wooded areas. They can’t jump or fly. Instead, they climb tall grasses or shrubs and wait for a potential host to brush against them. When this happens, they climb onto the host (such as a person or pet) and seek a site for attachment. When this attachment happens, the disease-causing organisms the tick may be carrying can lead to the host getting Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.


THD wanted to let you know about the Oklahoma Tick Study. Testmytick.com is offering free unlimited tick testing (normally $50 each) to any Oklahoma Resident between now and July 1, 2020.

Your tick will be tested to see if it carries any disease causing organisms (like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and several others). This free testing has been made possible with a generous donation from the Oklahoma State Medical Association Foundation. This testing will allow the Laboratory of Medical Zoology to better understand Tick Borne Illness in Oklahoma.

After being bitten by a tick, many people will want to see a healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider can only guess whether your tick is a risk based on estimates of how long it has fed and what kind of tick it is and decide what antibiotic to prescribe based just on your having been bitten. Blood test results may not be possible for weeks after your tick bite, but TickReport can take part of the guesswork out of the visit.

How It Works

Place your tick in a ziplock bag. Go to Testmytick.com and click on "Order Tick Test" at the top of the screen. Pick the Standard DNA Testing and use the coupon code "prepaid." You will also receive identification of the tick species and life stage, high resolution photomicrographs of the tick, and assessment of the ticks feeding status by email.