Philip Kurtz

Philip KurtzPhilip Kurtz | CEO | CareATC, Inc

As the CEO of an innovative Tulsa health care company, Philip Kurtz exemplifies healthy living in fitness, nutrition, mind, and community.

Kurtz exercises regularly, including employee walks at the office track during lunch and encourages his the staff to try walking meetings. With the new office expansion taking place this summer, he's instructed CareATC's head of facilities to let each employee try a standing desk, regardless of the extra cost. Also, Philip plans to equip several desks with treadmill capabilities, since people who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks.

Each month Kurtzbrings in a new health-focused guest speaker to spur a healthy living culture at our all-hands meetings. Last month a nutritionist dropped in to share thoughts on processed foods and how to eat healthy on the road since a number of employees travel often. With her insight Kurtz completely changed the company menu, and now caters healthy (and tasty!) meals for his staff. The previous month, a personal trainer came in to show employees fun, easy workouts to do at their desk.  Kurtz even created "CareATC" branded resistance bands for his employees to do these workouts with during the day.

However, he understands that fitness and nutrition is not enough -- to exemplify a holistic healthy lifestyle, you must be strong in mind. With this in mind, Kurtz instituted a core values transformation within the company, developing positive habits across our organization. For example, CareATC now stands for: Committed Accountable Respectful Empathetic Anticipatory Trusting Celebratory. The mutual respect within the organization blossomed and now a synergistic spirit has engrossed the entire company.

Philip Kurtz is Chief Executive Officer at CareATC®, where the company helps employers take control of rising healthcare costs by improving the health of their workforce.  Since 2000, CareATC has provided customizable healthcare solutions that have succeeded in bringing patients and providers closer together.  The vision is to create the most sustainable solution to rising healthcare costs by promoting health and preventing disease.

Previously, Kurtz was founder and CEO of Benefit Informatics, a healthcare data analytics company with more than 700 employers and 5 million members on the platform.  In 2010, he sold the company to Benefit Focus and he continued to serve the company as President for 3 more years.

From 1985 to 2000, Kurtz founded and served as President and CEO of CIS Technology.  CIS Technology developed software for hospital claims processing and revenue cycle management.  After taking the company public on NASDAQ, the company merged with National Data Corporation and is now part of McKesson Corporation.

Kurtz practiced public accounting as a CPA from 1975 to 1985 with an emphasis on developing business software in oil and gas taxation, construction and the medical industry.