Paula Marshall

Paula Marshall | CEO, The Bama Companies

People Helping People Be Successful is the mission statement of The Bama Companies. This statement is best exemplified by Bama’s CEO Paula Marshall. For over 40 years Paula has lived that mission daily with a holistic approach to caring for team members and their families. Personally, Paula lives the mission through a very active lifestyle, from deep sea fishing, and biking to meditation -- there is nothing Paula doesn’t engage in to stay healthy!

Over the years, with Paula’s leadership, encouragement and support, Bama has developed a comprehensive approach to caring for team members and their families. Bama offers affordable health care, free medical care via a partnership with CareATC, and a comprehensive system of Health and Wellness resources that empowers team members to improve their health system of resources targets the whole person, from healthy fresh food options available in the breakrooms, and onsite fitness centers, to free mental health counseling.

Annually Bama offers free health assessments on-site for all team members and spouses/domestic partners. This program allows for an annual review of key health indicators with comparison to previous years and free physician support if needed to address any issues.  In addition, Paula championed Bama Fit Academy which allows team members and their spouse/domestic partner access to free nutrition consulting, mental health counseling, physician visits and personal training. This program is tied to the annual health assessments and has seen 100 percent success in reducing at-risk health markers.

However, more importantly, Paula has created and fostered a culture that supports a holistic approach to health.  Recently Paula’s vision of opening the Bama Caring Center has come to fruition.  The Center will assist team members with a number of personal issues. The Center will also address the mental health needs of Bama’s team members by providing free counseling services.  This holistic approach to health is what makes Paula a true innovator and a healthy executive!