Dave Darcey

Dave Darcey | Vice President of Corporate Strategic Development | Williams

When it comes to wellness, David Darcey, Williams’ VP of Strategic Development, doesn’t just walk the talk. He runs it, bikes it and climbs it.

Darcey bikes to work most days – a 30-mile round trip, is training for his 45th marathon and plans to scale California’s 14,500-foot Mt. Whitney this summer.

“Because I’m in good shape, I don’t have to think twice about whether I can do something,” Darcey says. “I enjoy being fit and I can’t imagine not doing what I love.”

Darcey, 53, says physical fitness is key to mental wellness. After a busy day, the hour-long bike ride home allows him to reflect on his day and plan ahead.

Darcey says he’s thankful that Williams supports employee health with wellness initiatives, a Bike to Work program and sponsorship of the annual Williams Route 66 Marathon. Darcey has participated in every Route 66 marathon and has committed to doing so as long as Williams is involved.

Williams employee Amethyst Cavallaro says Darcey inspires his team to take care of their physical and mental health.

“He insists that we completely unplug when we go on vacation so we can recharge our batteries,” says Cavallaro, Sr. Market Intelligence Analyst. “At the office, he absolutely supports us blocking off time on our calendars to get to the gym or take a walk. He truly serves as inspiration for future leaders at Williams.”

Darcey is responsible for Williams’ business intelligence efforts and strategy development. Before being appointed to his current role in September 2012, Darcey served as director of planning and project analysis for the Midstream business unit for 14 years. He previously held different roles in accounting and finance since beginning his career with Williams in 1987. Darcey earned his bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance from the University of Utah in 1987. He also earned a master’s in Business Administration from the University of Utah in 1992. Darcey is a member of the Red Cross Tulsa Region board of directors, volunteers with Boy Scouts of America and teaches for Junior Achievement.