Mark A. Gray

Mark A. Gray | Executive Director, Inverness Village

Inverness provides a comprehensive, 8-dimension wellness program and free onsite fitness facilities for all associates. Mark has been at the helm on implementing many healthy initiatives such as healthy foods at meetings, stretch breaks, and movement session during all day retreats. Mark leads by example in all areas of wellness in his personal life as well as being a champion for wellness at the workplace. He chooses a plant based diet, and participates 5 days a week as a member of the Maximum Performance Crossfit of Tulsa as part of St Francis Healthzone.

Because there was the opportunity that it could change or even save someone’s life, Mark created an opportunity for any associate who could not afford insurance or a copay to get a Health Risk Assessment performed for free.  Mark firmly believes that the best possible solution to the nation’s rising health care costs and poor outcomes can best be solved through prevention and wellness practices.

“Since Mark joined the Inverness Village team as Executive Director, our wellness programs have grown exponentially.  He leads by example and makes it okay for people to take the time to take care of themselves.  Leaderships’ participation in fitness and wellness programs has grown causing a flood gate of increased front line associate participation in our fitness programs.”