Dave Crowell

Dave Crowell | Vice President of Finance, Enovation Controls

Enovation Controls offers an onsite medical clinic, health assessments, discounted gym membership, healthy vending machines, reduced insurance cost, a smoking cessation program and weight loss challenges for employees. The company’s program is an excellent recruiting tool and is especially attractive to individuals who exemplify an entrepreneurial spirit, are energetic, active and productive.  Dave is an avid cyclist and a member of Tom's Bicycles team. Occasionally, Dave will ride his bike to work or swim at 5:00 am. He is always encouraging employees to live an active lifestyle, make healthy eating choices and exercise to reduce stress and maintain an increased energy level.

Dave supports having healthy employees by promoting the corporate wellness programs. He regularly hears instances of employees who discovered an illness early to prevent something far more catastrophic.  Dave takes advantage of the company rate at the health club located two miles from the office, participates in the annual health assessments and regularly uses the onsite clinic. He monitors the company’s health costs and coupled with employee testaments we can prove our wellness program is working. 

“His job requires travel and he regularly takes exercise clothes to get in a work out at the hotel and encourages those who travel with him to join him.  Dave is truly an inspiration at our company, lives by example and personally continues to demonstrate his commitment to health.”