Stephania Grober

Stephania Grober | VP of Sales and Marketing, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma 

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing’s Stephania Grober leads by example. Grober actively engages in making healthy choices on a daily basis, and manages to find time in her busy schedule to exercise frequently.

"As a leader of a health insurance company, it is important for me to prioritize my own health and wellness and serve as a positive example to our employees and more than 800,000 members across the state,” said Grober. “I want others to know that you can take control of your own health by making smart choices every day and setting aside time for physical activity.”

Grober is an avid long-distance runner, having logged various  marathons throughout her running career. Starting with the New York Marathon in 2003, Grober has since participated in the Paris Marathon in 2014 and both the Chicago Marathon and the Route 66 Half Marathon in 2015. She followed up those races with another stint in the New York Marathon in 2016. She has also been a key leader in engaging other employees to run and participate in the Route 66 Marathon’s Corporate Challenge, encouraging employees to follow her example, and find a fitness partner at work to say accountable.

“Running makes me feel energized and healthier,” Grober said. “With a marathon, you have a goal, and that keeps me going. Having a running buddy also allows me to stay motivated.”

Grober does the majority of her race training in the Tulsa area, often running along Riverside Drive and in scenic Woodward Park. It’s the marathons in iconic settings that help her power through. “I love the scenery Tulsa has to offer while I run, but it’s something entirely different when you’re on your 18th mile and you see the Eiffel Tower,” Grober said.

When she’s not training for marathons, Grober enjoys a variety of group fitness classes such as spinning, kickboxing and aerobics. She’s even bumped into BCBSOK employees at various fitness classes and applauded them for attending. Grober also encourages employees to find more ways to be active during the work day, by walking to lunch instead of driving or having a walking meeting instead of sitting at a conference table. 

“You have to find what’s best for you and what piques your own interests,” said Grober. “For me, I like running and fitness classes, but for someone else, it might be yoga, walking or cycling. The important thing is finding a balance in your life and placing a priority on your own health by staying active and fit. All the small decisions add up to make a big impact on your life."