The Tulsa Health Department does not provide COVID-19 testing to fulfill a travel requirement. For a list of testing options, click here.

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The Tulsa Health Department is prioritizing testing to those who are uninsured. For a list of other testing options, click here.

The Tulsa Health Department can provide free specimen collection for  COVID-19 testing for non-travel associated testing. Prioritization is given to those uninsured. Testing is available by appointment only on Tuesdays from 1-5 p.m. 

If you are uninsured and have COVID symptoms, were in close contact to someone COVID positive, or need a work release:
You can receive a free rapid or PCR COVID-19 test from an Access Medical Center location in Tulsa County.* To schedule a test, click here. Select "decide later" when it asks how you would like to pay and provide code "test 1, 2, 3" at your appointment. (Please note: Access Medical Center appointments includes brief medical assessment. We cannot pay for flu, strep or other tests the doctor may recommend).
You can also get a free rapid test from Tulsa Mobile COVID Testing.* To schedule a test, click here. Provide code “Test 1,2,3” when they contact you to set up an appointment. 

*Availability is limited. Children or adults can be tested. Requires any type of photo ID (no state ID needed, immigration status does not matter).