Types of Inspections Hero

Types of Inspections

Several types of inspections are conducted in food establishments. This is based on the priority of the establishment, previous inspection results and complaints received by consumers.


Most inspections fall into this category. Inspections are unannounced and occur at a frequency based on the priority rating of the establishment. High priority facilities receive a minimum of four routine inspections per year, Medium priority facilities receive a minimum of two inspections per year and Low priority facilities receive a minimum of one inspection per year.

Follow-up (Compliance)

These types of inspections occur after a facility has been placed in non-compliance from a previous inspection.  They take place within two weeks from the initial inspection depending on the severity of violations observed.

New Establishment

This is an opening inspection where the facility receives licensure and the ok to begin food service operations.


This inspection is conducted as the result of a complaint received by THD. It is unannounced and typically focuses on the issue complained upon, but a complete investigation does occur. The issues are discussed with management.


These are inspections usually conducted during the construction phase of food establishments. It ensures that the physical facility requirements of the establishment are being met.