Food Safety Hero


Foodhandler Permits expire three years from the date you attend class and pass a test. There are two ways to obtain a renewal:

  1. Attend another Food Safety Class and pass the examination.
  2. Pass a comprehensive Waiver Test.  If you fail the Waiver Test, you must attend another food handler class in order to receive a new permit.

Food Safety Waiver Test Information

  • Waiver Test offered every Thursday
  • Test begins at 3:00 p.m.; arrive 30 minutes prior to testing for processing.
  • Size is limited to the first 50 participants; no pre-registration is necessary.
  • The fee is $15 and may be paid with cash or credit card. Fee is nonrefundable. 
  • The Waiver Test is only offered at the Eastgate Metroplex Training Center, 14002 E. 21st Street, Suite 550.
  • Waiver tests are available only in English.