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Manager's Certification

Become A Certified Food Service Manager

Many area food service establishments are required to have at least one certified food service manager in order to adequately train and supervise employees. To receive Manager’s Certification, you must first complete an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited food protection manager certification program. After completing a training program, you must register your manager certificate with THD. Bring your certificate of class completion and a valid photo ID (like a driver’s license) to register.

Effective October 2020, Broken Arrow food establishments must have at least one Certified Food Manager (CFM) per Broken Arrow Ordinance Chapter 11. CFMs must hold a supervisory position and have a valid certificate. They must be present the majority of the establishment's operating hours and are responsible for directly observing, supervising, and training food workers in proper food handling, sanitation and personal hygiene. Read more here.

Manager's Certification Class Information

Certification classes are offered locally by:

  1. Tulsa Community College, 918-595-7200
  2. Tulsa Technology Center, 918-828-5100
  3. Oklahoma Restaurant Association, 1-800-375-8181

Please call these agencies for class schedules and costs.

THD Registration of Manager's Certification

  • You must present verification of your training completion or Challenge Test Certificate, plus valid photo identification.
  • Registration is available at the James O. Goodwin Health Center (5051 S. 129th E Ave.) at Food Protection Services.
  • Nonrefundable certification fee is $25 cash or credit card; no checks accepted.
  • Tulsa Food Protection Manager’s Certificates expire five years from the date of issuance.

For more information about THD food safety training classes, permits and manager certification, please call 918-595-4300.

House Bill 1804 Verification Requirements

House Bill 1804 went into effect on November 1, 2007. As a result, anyone attending a food safety training class or applying for a manager's certificate from the Tulsa Health Department must sign a statement that they are either (1) a United States citizen, or (2) a qualified alien under the federal Immigration & Nationality Act and are lawfully present in the United States.