Bob Peterson

Bob PetersonBob Peterson | President, Melton Truck Lines

Employee health has been a priority to Bob Peterson for many years as he has nurtured a culture of Wellness at Tulsa based Melton Truck Lines. Since the early ‘90’s the company has participated in Tulsa’s Corporate Challenge, sponsored on-site health fairs, held nutrition and exercise seminars and other health related programs.  Melton’s wellness culture gained further traction with the hiring of a degreed full time Wellness Manager in 2007.

That culture has grown with over 4,000 sq/ft being devoted to a state-of-the-art gym facility in the new corporate headquarters, including a women’s only gym.  Melton employees enjoy healthy vending machines and occasional “healthy” company provided lunches.  A full time registered nurse, part time physician and dentist are available also at no cost to Melton employees and family members.

Melton truck drivers spend most of their time on the road where it is a challenge to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. Bob takes the time to personally communicate with all employees through YouTube videos about staying healthy with links to articles regarding diet and exercise.

“Bob pushes healthy living in every meeting and presentation, emphasizing that it is truly the foundation for the rest of our lives.  From how we perform at work, to the attitude we take home to our family, making better choices in our diet and workout routines has a great impact on us.  I am proud to work at a place lead by a man that is that dedicated to his employees.  Bob spends a great deal of time and money researching and communicating the latest information on healthy living and always makes sure everyone under him is informed and able to participate.”

“Bob sets the bar for us by living by example.  He is very focused on his fitness and health.  He encourages us to do the same and provides us with all the tools to do it.  He cheers us on with the attitude of ‘If I can do it, you can do it’.  Bob is an inspiring man to work for.”