2014 Healthy Executives

Healthy employees make for healthy business. The 2014 Healthy Executive program received numerous nominations for local senior executives who support their company’s worksite wellness program while maintaining their own personal commitment to health. A panel of judges reviewed the nominations and selected winners who inspire and provide opportunities for their employees to pursue wellness.

We’re proud to recognize these top local executives for their outstanding efforts to lead the way for wellness in Tulsa County!

Dave Crowell | Vice President of Finance, Enovation Controls

“His job requires travel and he regularly takes exercise clothes to get in a work out at the hotel and encourages those who travel with him to join him.  Dave is truly an inspiration at our company, lives by example and personally continues to demonstrate his commitment to health.” Read more about Dave's committment to wellness


Mark A. Gray | Executive Director, Inverness Village

“Since Mark joined the Inverness Village team as Executive Director, our wellness programs have grown exponentially.  He leads by example and makes it okay for people to take the time to take care of themselves.  Leaderships’ participation in fitness and wellness programs has grown causing a flood gate of increased front line associate participation in our fitness programs.” Read more about Mark's committment to wellness


Bob Peterson | President, Melton Truck Lines

“Bob sets the bar for us by living by example.  He is very focused on his fitness and health.  He encourages us to do the same and provides us with all the tools to do it.  He cheers us on with the attitude of ‘If I can do it, you can do it’.  Bob is an inspiring man to work for.” Read more about Bob's committment to wellness